PSA: Discernment Required

Pay attention: God’s Word is infinitely more correct than any persons writing.

Musings and My Two Cents

I have actually resisted writing this post. I resisted because I know many people who feel blessed by the devotional, Jesus Calling by Sarah Young.  Like me, when something is really inspiring, I sometimes share on Facebook, and a few years ago, I came across one of the devotionals for the day, and I wanted to know more!

To Target I went to purchase my own copy. I believe that I purchased one for my daughter also.  I started my own daily journey with Jesus Calling. At some point, I don’t remember how long it took, but the writings gave me pause. I stopped reading it as a part of my devotional time.

So what gave me pause? Who was speaking? There were words that were comforting, yet these words were not scripture but they were spoken as if it was Jesus speaking to me. That is what gave me…

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