William Andrew Dillard

Man’s propensity to presume on the Creator God of heaven and earth appears to know no end, at least not in this age. Spurred on by religious charlatans who prey on the ignorance of folks, the name it and claim it crowd forges onward, full steam ahead. Let’s think about that for a minute.
God has shown His mighty power in times past to accomplish purposes within His holy will for a people, place, or thing.
Here are a few of those displays of His might power aside from creation itself. He brought the mighty Egyptian nation to its knees and its military to its destruction in ways so far removed from human thinking that it stands out in the minds of modern Christians as an all time great, miraculous action. Shall we mention Joshua and the conquest of Jericho? What about Daniel in the lion’s den or the three Hebrew children in the fiery furnace, or Elijah on Mt. Carmel, or Peter being released from prison, or Paul in shipwreck? On and on it goes for the Lord has wrought might works to show Himself both to His people and to the heathen.
So now, the world’s religious in name only, presume that if God is the same yesterday, today, and forever as the scriptures declare, then all they have to do is call upon Him to do mighty things, and if He likes you, He will, but if he doesn’t He won’t. So, they pick out an isolated incident like that of Jabez, and without the slightest idea of what that is all about, they beseech the Lord for personal riches or popularity which they can parlay into wealth, and are perplexed that He does not answer them as they wish.
If God has done this before, and if He is the same, and if He really is no respecter of persons, why then, oh why, does He not do it again for us, they ask. It may just be that they are asking God to become a respecter of persons and do for them what He is not doing for others. Then there is the fact that they are asking amiss to consume it upon personal lusts as James points out in his epistle.
This sort of thing bleeds over into the life of nominal Christians as well. Those who do not live a true Christian life will become ill or have some tragedy occur. Then they want the church to pray for them. For what? That they might have healing? For what? So that they might continue to pile up judgment against themselves by living a life of sin and iniquity rather than serving the Lord who bought them with His precious blood?
Enough presuming on God already! It is fruitless except in an evil way. Let those who would ask of God first surrender to Him and pray for grace that they might serve Him according to His will in the short time of this pilgrimage. It is the only fitting thing to do for one Who has saved us unto himself

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