APRIL 2 – God is to be Feared

APRIL 2 – God is to be Feared

Psalm 89:7  God is greatly to be feared in the assembly of the saints, and to be had in reverence of all them that are about him.

In the Assembly,” God is greatly to be feared. What a head-scratching statement. Fear God” But God is all about love and forgiveness and sweetness, why should we fear? When we have a myopic vision of God that totally unbalanced and only one facet of God is spoken of, then we should fear God. We must understand that when an assembly is a scriptural assembly, God is there. That is the reason I cringe when excited people say, “God showed up today.” Sounds like this assembly never has the presence of God when they come together. What is worse is when they say, “God showed up and showed out.” When I showed out, my father applied the belt of education to the seat of knowledge. That is when I start ducking my head. When God’s saints assemble in a scriptural manner and worship, God is there.

There should be a fear when we assemble together. We should have a fear every day. In the assembly a fear or rather a healthy respect for the desires of God. Respect God’s design for worship, not our preference. God has no need for our carnal devices in His worship. If you love the Lord, you should be able to come together in a field under some trees and worship with psalms and hymns. Brush arbor meetings were simple and worshipful and many were saved.

Something that seems to be lost today is reverence. Reverence for where we meet God and it to be considered “Holy Ground.” Yes, I know some are going to make snide remarks about this. When Moses met God at the burning bush, God said, “take the shoes off your feet this is Holy Ground.” Joshua was instructed in the same manner. He was on Holy ground as related in Joshua 5:15. When Israel served God they had the same fear and reverence. I have attended the dedication of a few sanctuaries and some time during that service the sanctuary was set aside as the place we meet the Lord. How many have heard, “No running in the sanctuary.” “No food or drink in the sanctuary.” Because this is the place we meet God and worship Him on what we consider to be Holy Ground.

Where is our reverence today? We have lost it to convenience and carnal desires.

Can we, once again, make our sanctuaries a special place to meet God and worship Him in fear and reverence?

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