MARCH 24 – Broken Staffs

MARCH 24 – Broken Staffs

Isaiah 14:5  The LORD hath broken the staff of the wicked, and the sceptre of the rulers.

What an amazing God we serve. There is not a place where God has not spread the Gospel. From the time of Jesus and his calling out and organization of the first Church the Gospel has been spread to all lands. Jesus walked the nation of Israel and spread the Gospel along with the apostles as the Church on the move.

Andrew, according to secular history was in Russia and Greece. Barnabas is said to have preached in Ethiopia and Armenia. James the son of Alphaeus is said to have preached the Gospel in Spain, Britain, and Ireland. John exiled at Patmos, wrote by inspiration, a book that many talk about today. He then pastored in Ephesus. Three men became his disciples that are known in church history, Polycarp, Papias, and Ignatius. Socrates credits Matthew of preaching in Ethiopia and Arabia. Stories have him laboring in Syria around Damascus and among the man-eaters at the Black Sea. Pauls three mission journeys are well chronicled in the book of Acts. The books he has written gives us much insight into the work he has done. His time in Rome and soldiers that heard him preach and teach and were saved testify of his passion for the Lord. It is reported that he preached on the island of Britain.

Some of these nations had kings that hated the gospel and barred the preaching of the gospel. Many of these men gave their lives in nations that the king and people were given to idolatry and paganism. God enabled the gospel to be shared and people to be saved with churches being organized. The gospel spread from country to country.

Today we have nations that are hostile to the gospel and preaching of the Word of God. Yet the gospel cannot be contained in one place. The Lord has broken the staff of the wicked and the sceptre of the rulers. Nations make it difficult to spread the gospel in foreign countries. Yet even in China, the gospel is preached and there is much suffering because the nation tries to stamp out the Word of life. Preachers are imprisoned and church houses and home where churches meet are destroyed. Still, the gospel is preached. Souls are saved. Over 20 years ago a magazine reported that the new mission field was America. This was stated by an Anglican Bishop. His reason for this statement was the decline of the Churches in America. The moral atmosphere and worldly trappings of the Churches and the lack of separation from the world had influenced this man to say that America is a great mission field for the rest of the world. The Word of God will spread where ever feet will take it.

Here in this nation, we need to clean up our worship of God. We think that other nations are in need of the gospel which we have in trust from God. They think of us as a mission field because we do not live separated lives.

May we recommit ourselves to living a life that glorifies God. May we separate from the world and once again claim the title of “Christian Nation.”

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