MARCH 5 – He delivered me

MARCH 5 – He delivered me

II Samuel 22:18 – He delivered me from my strong enemy, and from them that hated me: for they were too strong for me.

What a wonderful declaration. I have been delivered. Let me what I have been delivered from. I have been delivered from the penalty of sin. Where I was condemned, now I am set free. Someone paid that sin penalty for me. Jesus took my place. He took the penalty of sin for me and died in my place. I have placed my faith, trust, and belief in Him as my savior.

O, what a Savior.


I have been delivered from ignorance. Once when I did not know about sin and condemnation, God, through His Word informed me of my condemnation and that justice was required. When I was set free of that ignorance then I sought the Lord. I was set free from the chains of bondage that held me in the cesspool of this wicked world. I was set free from the ignorance of the right life to live. I no longer live for my own pleasure or my own enjoyment. I live for the one that forgave me.

I have been delivered.

I have been delivered from false religion and false worship. I began life worshiping my self. Yes, I did everything that pleased me. Then I found a way to appease that part of me that said there was more. Therefore I started worshiping those things that I thought would get me to heaven. I tried to be good and I included baptism yet there was that part that was missing. I had never repented. I repented and was set free. I learned that God has set a path that I am to follow in for salvation. He has set the path for the type of life I should live. He has set the parameters for my worship of him.

I Have Been Delivered.

I have been delivered from the habit of sin. The chains have been broken that bound me to lying, cheating, and stealing. Continually every day as I study and learn God’s Word my mind is being reclaimed from the effects of humanism, that thought process that made me my own god. My mind is being reclaimed from the evil and ugly thoughts that once crowded my mind. My body is responding to this renewing of my mind. The outward is reflecting the inward. My speech is more becoming a child of God. My dress is more becoming a child of God. My conduct is more becoming a child of God. My desire is to exalt God and not self.

I Have Been Delivered. Have you been delivered from the world?

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