MARCH 4 – The Mighty Have Fallen

MARCH 4 – The Mighty Have Fallen

2Sa 1:25  How are the mighty fallen in the midst of the battle! O Jonathan, thou wast slain in thine high places. 

2Sa 1:27  How are the mighty fallen, and the weapons of war perished!

David had great a great love for Jonathan and respect for the King that had been anointed by God. This is a complete chapter about the loss of these two men. Saul and Jonathan were recognized as providing for the nation of Israel. The recognition is given to Saul as having been anointed to his position as King. For David, this was a sad time. The nation’s leader was gone. The son that had gone to war and been a great warrior was gone. David felt that loss.

We are living in a time when great men have gone on before us. They were in the presence of the Lord. I call these men great because of the work they have done. These were men that built churches without the gimmicks. They were men who wore out shoe leather going door to door and winning lost souls and built churches. Those that were missionaries averaged about 5 years building and organizing a church. Then they would go on to start another mission work. They opened up states that did not have a scriptural church. They took stands that were unpopular. Most are gone now. We have a few left that carried that spirit of labor.

Those churches they started are now pastored by other pastors now. I have lived long enough to see the work of these men grow and become powerhouses for the Lord. Many have been saved by this old fashion Biblical work ethic. I have seen failure where missionaries have reached for fame and recognition only to fail. Great men have crossed the oceans to build lasting legacies to God in Churches that flourish and do mission work to this day. I want to honor the work of these great men that have gone on before. They were flawed, cracked and imperfect, yet they built for the Lord.

There are some that denigrate that work today. Yet they stand as an example of Great Commission to go, preach the gospel, baptize the saved and teach them all things. They gave their lives and the comfort of being settled in one community because they felt the call to go into a wicked and sinful community and preach against sin. I wish I could name them all. If I tried to name them, I would forget many. I love and appreciate those that are still with us. I give them respect and admiration for the work they have done. I love them even when they are cracked, warped and weary from the work they were engaged in. They are due our respect.

Thank you for the tremendous work you have done, Pastors and Missionaries.

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