FEBRUARY 24 – Be Careful What You Want

FEBRUARY 24 – Be Careful What You Want

1Samuel 8:22  And the LORD said to Samuel, Hearken unto their voice, and make them a king. And Samuel said unto the men of Israel, Go ye every man unto his city. 

There is a very old saying, be careful what you wish for, you may get it. We are a fickle people. We want and desire and then find out that we really don’t like what we got. That happens with automobiles. For us men, it might be the horsepower and shape of aggressiveness. For the women, it might be the design, layout, and colors. We take possession of the automobile and find that it is a lemon. It continually breaks down and the color rapidly fades. We no longer want what we wanted.

Who remembers the progressive “churches” churches called the “Rock?” They all have just about faded out of existence. An interesting fact is, that as we grow and mature, the fascination of youth matures with us. What we found appealing then does not appeal any longer. That is why newer and more fascinating things have to be employed to attract youth. The senses mature and change. When the appeal is to the senses, we find a momentary fascination.

Look at Israel. They became unhappy with the sons of Samuel and want to make a serious change. Because of men, they no longer want the rule of God but have decided that they want a king like other, pagan nations have. The king leading the nation had that ability to lead them to God or away from God. Too often, it was away from God.

Teach the people. Drive them deep into the Word of God. May we ever be satisfied with God who orders our lives right.


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2 responses to “FEBRUARY 24 – Be Careful What You Want

  1. Amen! So true!
    When I was young I always wanted a big house. You know, something nice. I grew up in a typical 3 bedroom and 1 bath brick home. Only really rich people had 2 bathrooms or even a bath and a half. Nothing fancy, but not poor. It was what middle class was in the 70’s and 80’s. Of course as a teenager I wanted more. I wanted to live in the new fancy neighborhood they built. All the houses looked huge and not just your cookie cutter house I lived in. I struggled for years. Lived in apartments and many not in good places. I lived in really bad trailer parks. Then God brought me to a job that would turn out to be a career. When my kids were young we struggled and didn’t have much. I kept moving up in my job. (Credit to the LORD God).
    Now, here I am. I have my big house. (Nothing compared to those that most have but, more than myself and my husband need.) Now in my 50’s I wish I didn’t have this house or the mortgage that goes with it. Now I try to help others with the money and I find myself strapped down with worry. What if I lose my job? I lose everything. If I chose a simpler life and stayed satisfied with houses I had before I would possibly not still be paying a mortgage. I could have been satisfied with what I had.
    I am THANKFUL for all that God has blessed me with. I only wish I was wiser when I was younger. ☺


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