JANUARY 18 – An honorable place

JANUARY 18 – An honorable place

Numbers 2:2 Every man shall….pitch by his own standard with the ensign …

There is a place for all the saints of God. God laid out a standard, a flag or pennant that symbolized each tribe. By that standard, all in the camp could see where their tribe was. Each family had their ensign. Once again this was a flag or pennant that represented a certain family of the tribe. There was a place of identification for each tribe and each family that was represented. These ensigns that identified certain bodies of men have been used in our military to identify different divisions of military. There was pride associated with that ensign and was to never be dishonored or all allowed to touch the ground. That ensign was a point of pride and protected at all times. If the ensign bearer was killed some one else would stand up to carry that ensign proudly in Battle.

Each person is known as a human. We are known for having 2 feet to walk with. That separates us from part of the animal kingdom. We are also know to invent tools that are very elaborate which distinguishes us from other animals. We are known for having emotions and experience love and hate which distinguishes us from other animals. The one thing which completely distinguishes us from all living things is the spirit that is either saved or lost. Those that are saved are further distinguished from the lost by the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. For the child of God, we are known by the pennant or banner that we fly. Our pennant that we should fly says we are a child of the King and proudly proclaim it and do not besmirch it.

There is a further pennant that we should fly. This pennant identifies who we are in the kingdom of God and what we believe in the kingdom of God and what we practice in the kingdom of God. I am a Baptist by choice. That name is a pennant that separates me form every other denomination and gives some of my doctrine. I wear that name as proudly and the last name that was given me at birth. The next pennant I wear with pride is Landmark. I mark my conversations with this name because it refines my doctrine so that there is no confusion with other baptists that have left the truth of God’s word for error. Finally, I wear the name of missionary. This pennant lets others know that I am concerned for lost souls and am actively engaged in witnessing to the lost and supporting missionaries that are preaching the gospel to a lost and dying world. I understand there are some that are ashamed, or afraid of this name. I know there are those that repudiate the name hoping to trick others into acceptance. I carry this name and this ensign with pride because I do not hide what I believe but preach it to the world.

What does your ensign, your pennant, your standard say about you?

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