Exodus 3:10 – “Come now therefore, and I will send thee unto Pharaoh…” Moses was sent. It is an example for us. He was sent to lead Israel out from bondage. He was sent to face Pharoah and give him a message from God. It was a simple message. “Let my people go!

Moses had several excuses for not going. 1. I have no power or standing to approach the supreme leader of a nation. 2. I don’t know your name so that I can tell Israel who sent me. 3. They will not believe me nor listen to me. 4. I can not talk in an eloquent manner and my speech is slow.

Sounds like a bunch of Missionary Baptists. Always the excuses. I am too busy. I don’t know what to say. I don’t know how to start a conversation. I don’t see anyone to witness to. While my father was still with us and preaching and pastoring he would often make the statement, “I don’t know why God called a shy, bashful, backward country boy like me to preach the gospel. But he did.” At the age of about 80, my dad tossed his car keys to a son and said you can drive me to town. Upon their return quite some time later the son went to my mom and said, grandma, we would have been back sooner but granpa had to talk to everyone in the store. He always carried a bulletin or tracts and a shy, bashful, backward country boy from the hills of Batesville, Arkansas had been equipped by God to witness to anyone he met of his Savior.

Every excuse that Moses came up with was met by God. 1. I have no standing – I will be with thee. If God be for us who can be against us. We often quote that but do we believe it enough to practice it? 2 I don’t know how to tell the people who you are. – We have who God is. -I AM THAT I AM – “Thus shalt thous say unto the children of Israel, I AM hath sent me unto you. 3. God, these people will not believe me. – “What is that in thine hand, a rod. We have God’s word. That is the reason it is important to memorize verses, carry a small New Testament with you and have a general knowledge of God’s Word. Every born again child of God should be able to show scripture of how to be saved, whether it is the Roman Road or John 3 or Paul on the road to Damascus. 4. I can’t talk. God gave Moses a mouth piece, his brother. I have observed people that have used that excuse. Some of them have never met a stranger. In our area, John Deere is a large employer and these people that can’t talk, know they can ask where a person is employed. Cubs is a baseball team that is religiously followed and that subject is often discussed among strangers. We have had several weeks of below zero weather and it has been discussed by strangers. Deer season is a great subject that know no stranger. They are strangers only when the subject of Jesus is raised or rather not raised.

It is time to learn how to turn a conversation to the Lord. There are times that I sit quietly and run through my mind various ways to turn a conversation from the subject some want to discuss into a conversation about the Lord. Preparation is the key to being sent. If a salesman tried to sell the best product on the market without knowledge of the product and a way to present it, he would starve and his family would starve with him.

We are sent. Let us prepare and then GO!

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