Exodus 3:7-9 – This passage demonstrates three of the attributes of God. I have seen, I have heard, I am come down. These are terms that we understand. They are not theologically cloaked with mystery. They are not confusing in English gymnastics. They are plain and open to any one diligent enough to read with an open mind and heart.

I have seen…” The Lord is ever present in our life. His presence makes Him aware of our situation. He knows our joys and what we are joyful about. Let do a little aside here. If we have joy in hurting or destroying a person with our speech, that is the wrong joy and God sees it as sin. If we joy in hitting the tavern after work with friends and spending our paycheck on strong drink, thereby depriving our family of funds to live, that is sin on two areas and God hates sin. If we have joy in fishing on the Lord’s day or any other activity that keeps us out of the house of God, that is sin. These are wrong joys. I say we are to have “joy in the Lord.” Where there is sorrow or pain or loss or affliction, God sees. God is moved by our situation. It reminds me of Mary and Martha at the death of Lazarus. Jesus wept. “If you had been here…” Jesus knew he would bring Lazarus back to life, yet He was moved by the sorrow of the sisters, and the death of one He loved. It served a purpose.

“… and have heard… “ Sometimes that is what we need, some one to hear our misery, our sorrow, our hurts and our pains. There are those today that simply need an ear that will hear and not pass judgment or give advice. Is there not comfort in knowing that God hears our call and plea. What a movement could happen if our churches would ever learn that patient, persistent, pleading would move God. God wants us to call upon Him. I believe that if Churches would plead persistently with God that lost souls would be save and He would hear and move us to go out and witness. God answers persistent pleading prayer and uses us to answer that prayer. He would put a desire in our heart. He hears us.

“… I am come down to deliver … “ What a relief that not only does God see and hear, but He will also come down and deliver. God has a desire that we live an abundant life. Not as the world sees abundance in money, power and prestige, but in a life that honors and glorifies God and has great joy in the peace and comfort brought about by a loving savior. He can deliver us from bad habits, from strife, and from conflict. He can deliver us from anger and malice and back biting. The greatest deliverance is from the penalty of eternal death because of the rejection of His Son. There no deliverance here on eath as important as God gives through Jesus Christ, our deliverer. He has seen our captivity to sin. He has heard our cry of repentance and confession. He has sent His only Son down to deliver us from the chains and slavery of sin. He has delivered us from eternal separation from God. He has given us freedom and life and an eternal abode in His presence. What a marvelous, gracious, wonderful Savior I have who sees, hears and delivers.

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