God has a deep love for His people. He is continually making preparation or smoothing the way for the ones He loves. Genesis 45:7,8. Joseph tells his brothers, “God sent me before you…”. God uses man to prepare and preserve His own.

I remember when my father went on the mission field to St. Louis. There were Missionary Baptists in that great city of wickedness. They had left the south for the opportunity to provide for family. Yet there was not a Missionary Baptist Church there.

My father was led to start a mission there with his family. I believe there were six of us and if I am wrong, one of my brothers or sisters can correct my faulty memory. As my father wore out shoe leather knocking doors, we found these Missionary Baptists. Maybe I should say, God put them in our way so we could find what God had put there for us. A church was built from those that God had sent before us. God continues to lay down a path for us to follow if we will follow Him. He never neglects us or sends us somewhere for us to fail. Sometimes our own desires get in the way of what God has prepared for us. There are times we are mislead by our wants, desire and wishes. This I know, we never fail while following where God has prepared for us to go.

God has already been there. God has prepared the way for Joseph to go through some trials and tribulations so that he would be in a place to be used by God in the employ of Pharaoh. God has prepared the way for each of us. We do not have to be a missionary to have God’s preparation in our life. We simply need to be faithful and yielded.

There are times we may not understand why things are the way they are, but patiently enduring and maturing will yield God’s ultimate plan for us. We may even be unhappy with where we are but being in the will of God and accomplishing his purpose will bring happiness and joy and fulfillment. May our desires and wishes be subjugated to His purpose and completion of the preparation God has made.

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