Genesis 41:32 … it is because the thing is established by God, and God will shortly bring it to pass.

God never fails in what He has established. It is comforting to know that God has established many things for us to depend upon. We depend upon God to accomplish all that He has established. He has established our seasons and has said that we will always have these seasons. There is not one man or a host of thousands that call themselves scientists that can change what God has established. He separated the seas and oceans with land masses and set the boundaries of the oceans. They will never rise past the boundaries that God has set, irregardless of what man or scientists say.

Every promise or prophecy mad by God is based upon this unchanging attribute of God. God has promised me everlasting life. The pronouncements of men contrary to this statement can take away my everlasting life. His promise to save me was completed in His Son and my repentance and confession. I have the surety of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that seals me until the day of redemption. I have no fear of scrambling to be good enough, or join an organization, or be dipped into a vat of water to secure myself. My Lord and Savior has guaranteed that the portals of heaven will swing wide for me that day my Lord calls me to join him in that celestial place.

My life is now engaged in living, loving and learning more of God. My worship is not for my own pleasure or desire, but is designed to be pleasing unto the Creator and sustainer of my life. What a blest day I have, knowing that all God has promised will be accomplished.

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