There is a place where the saved of God need to dwell, it is the “House of God.” This verse instructs Jacob to go up to Bethel and dwell there and make there an altar unto God. This was literally followed by Jacob. Note that Jacob life was a life of trickery and deception and he had to run for his life. He was not the most faithful person called upon God. We get to see glimpses of his life and flashes of his recognition of God and what Jacob would probably call, “sacred” places. One of these is Bethel which had the meaning of “the House of God.”

What would it be like to dwell with God? Those that know Him as “The Father,” will know what it means to dwell with God for an eternity. My Father and Mother are dwelling with God at this very moment. Their pain and infirmities are gone. We have a very poor substitute here on earth. Yet it is pleasant and joyous if we would be close and faithful to our Savior. We have been given a place to gather together with God’s people and sing and praise His name. It is a place to learn of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit.

When we gather together at His house of praise and worship in a loving and obedient manner we then can worship and praise His name all week long. Obedience has its reward. I can say that at one time I was rebellious and neglected that worship one day a week. Today, faithfulness to my Savior has enriched my life and I now have a greater knowledge of God. I praise His faithfulness towards me and the grace and mercy He has shown me. I am truly unworthy of all He has done for me. May I never forget. May I always in my feeble way, praise Him.

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