The day after the celebration of the birth of Jesus. For some, this day is a let down after the flurry of gift giving and family and fun. For me, this is a day of reflection on how a babe in a manager became my substitute. I am reminded of how unworthy I am and how I was so loved that the one to be my substitute, lay so innocently in a manger to grow and take my place on the cross. This a time for me to reflect on the cost or price of my salvation. How humbling to see one that sees my own innermost thoughts still wanted to give me a free gift of eternal life even though He could see my inward filthiness and degradation. It is now time to praise the LORD for His great and enduring love.

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  1. Clyde Mitchell

    Amen. How unworthy we are, which makes the love and sacrifice so much more precious. Thanks for the reflections.

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