I Am

Never honor a lie that perverts God’s truth.

Truth in Palmyra

Okay, where to start? I do not conduct what is known as a “discernment” ministry. I teach the truth, but I have no particular calling to chase down and confront untruth, nor to call it out constantly. If it comes my way, I will gladly punch it in the nose, but I don’t go running after it. Blessings to you that do, as that ministry is very important.

It seems, however, that my favorite super-smiley Houston mega “pastor” has done it again. He probably did it a long time ago, but it was not till I came of my cave and  went to a bookstore that I found out.

My friend has written a book entitled: “The Power of I am: Two Words That Will Change Your Life Today.” Sigh.

Some things are NOT what they seem.

I didn’t buy the book, but I did sort of skim it really…

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