We Don’t Believe God

Musings and My Two Cents

Honestly, I am so sorry that my posts aren’t generally the happy topics that make you smile, or laugh. I love reading those posts too. Believe me, I am a pretty happy person. But the topics I write about are because they are what stirs me, saddens me, compels me to let it out, or give my two cents; hence, my blog.

I believe that most of us who profess to be Christians, and/or church goers don’t believe God. The majority would say that they believe in God. But that God is far away. He’s not quite real to them, which is why I have concluded that we don’t believe God.

This is somewhat alarming because most of us claim that we are Christian but our deeds, our behaviors don’t match our profession. We pretty much do what the culture around us does, which is another reason that we have…

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2 responses to “We Don’t Believe God

  1. Your post is right on target. Good post!


  2. That was a good find, bro James, thanks.


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