Just a thought on this election and some presumptions that are taking place in an era of social media.

I do not believe that one side and their reaction is indicative of the possible reaction if the tables were turned. Let me show what I mean by some explaining of my thoughts and reactions.

I live in the state where president Obama was an organizer and Senator. I followed his commission that he was head of that made decisions on abortion measures. I prayed as the decision was made that a baby that was aborted and lived would be laid some where and ignored until it died. Here is a baby fully formed and crying, that had beat the abortionist and sentence has been passed that that baby must die.

As a Bible believer and a preacher, believing that God gives life and God takes life, this was violently against what I knew the Bible to teach. There are many Bible believing people that knew of this injustice and we stood and lost at the ballot box. There was no one in the streets. We purposed to educate those that voted based upon emotion. We had some leaders in congress that made “bold” statements so that their constituents would feel better, then these leaders bent over backwards to accommodate the president. For 2 years the house, the senate, and the presidency was democrats holding the majority.

We still did not run out into the streets and demonstrate and riot and start fires because we are law abiding people. We continued to educate people about “character” and “Godliness” and aligning our thoughts and desires with Biblical standards.

The Clinton’s have a history that they cannot ignore. The white water scam reveals that they are an unethical people. Then we have Bill Clinton and rape and affairs and all the threats that go along with immorality. My father preached the funeral of a teenage boy that happened up on a drug deal and ended up dead. The coroner ruled the deaths of these two teenage boys was an accident. The call went out to an independent coroner and the rule was murder. This drug incident was traced through Mena Arkansas and to the governor’s mansion in Little Rock where Bill Clinton was governor.

After two years the aroused silent majority saw that the problem we were experiencing was not “color” but was character and “purpose”. The Clinton’s did not have the “character” to be put in the White house again. The “purpose” of Obama was not to govern by the constitution but by “fiat”, a pen and a phone. There for the silent majority, having been prodded out of slumber went into the streets to make a change at the ballot box and took the house and made it a republican bastion. Still weak and indecisive, yet some progress was made. Next, the senate was captured not because of rioting and burning but ballot box voting.

Oh what a primary the Republicans had. So many to chose from. I had several to chose from that were christian and conservative and promising. Scott Walker, Huckaby, Carson, and Cruz. Some others were Republican in name only. That is a nice way of saying they were to liberal for a true conservative to vote for. Some would say, but…but….Rubio. He was with the gang of 8 that pushed a bill where companies such as Disney could hire illegal aliens and fire their American workers. He also was with the gang of eight to oppose a border wall. You understand, the silent majority are law abiding people. They believe that all others should be law abiding. We are strange and different that way. We simply believe in the rule of law. I chose Cruz because he claimed to be a christian and he was a strong constitutionalist. I lost in the primaries. Now I have a decision to make on my vote. I did not care the brash, abrasive and obnoxious Trump. Do I write in a vote? That is a question that prayed about and labored over. As I saw the situation and did research, there were things I came to realize. The maledictions uttered by the main stream press were very inaccurate. I replayed Trump speeches and statements. He was not a racist until he ran for president. He stood with Rosa Parks and Ali in a ceremony. He uttered some profane statements and I hated that cavalier attitude. He apologized. Bill Clinton never apologized for rape and affairs and Hillary never apologized for threatening those rape or the Whitewater scam. The more I research, the more I found. The Veritas tapes were so revealing about how far the democrats would go to try to create conflict at Trump rallies. Creamer, a democrat in contact with the democratic party paid people to disrupt Trump rallies. A truly despicable thing to do. The main street media did not investigate these disruptions because they were complicit in pushing Hillary Clinton’s agenda.

At a womens conference in New York, Hillary Clinton made this statement. “Cults and religions are going to have to change what they believe.” This would be part of her agenda if elected president. I, a Bible believer could not accept this. I would immediately become a law breaker.

Now let us talk emotions. The Bible teaches us, we are to rule our emotions and not let our emotions rule us. Our emotions are to be based on fact and not whimsy. My Bible says “Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the Word of Truth.” II Timothy 2:15. We should learn to make this application to all of our life and not just Bible study. John 8:32 – “And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. I enjoy the freedom of knowledge. Trump didn’t rile emotions. The media riled emotions because they mis-stated the things Trump said to turn the people against him. Honesty is the best policy and the silent majority seek honesty and reject the lies of main street media.

May we come together, not in the idea of compromise but in truth, lawfulness and civility. Compromise is right and wrong coming together in the middle and both becoming wrong. May we ever dwell together in truth thereby garnering unity as the result.

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