The Pearl of Wisdom

Excellent thoughts


Two men were once riding through the heart of the city, when one said, “I wish I was as smart as you!” Never having had the opportunity of education, he felt insecure.

They pulled up to their destination, and the wise man said, “Did you notice that homeless boy playing back there?

“Why, yes I did.”

“If I had a few minutes to spare, I would sit down beside him and talk to him. There is something he knows, that I don’t. I live my life trying to learn what others know.”

We may easily get caught up in the delusion that knowlege is only housed in universities. That is false. There is wisdom in the smallest of things, if we will only take the time to investigate.I’m

When I was young, I had an adult friend, named Sis. She had that brilliant type of mind I always wished I…

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