This last week Pastor Egi and his family buried their oldest brother. He was only 58 years old. At 5:30 in the morning

everyone met at the morgue and placed the body in a casket that they built the day before. A procession of about 20 cars
traveled the 10 miles to the cemetery where the grave,that was dug by the family, sat open and ready. This day happened
to be during one of the worse snow storms of the year. Pastor Egi’s brother’s family are Buddhist and a young monk sat
by the headstone ringing bells and chanting words that no one knew. There were many tears as this death was not
expected. After about 45 minutes of ceremonies and traditions the family lowered the casket into the three and half foot
deep grave and everyone helped in covering the coffin. As we looked at the headstones around the area we only saw one
that was over 60. Life is difficult in this harsh climate. According to the 2015 report on religion by the US Embassy 90% of
Mongolians identify themselves as Buddhist, 3% Muslim, and only 2% are considered Christian. We ask you all to
continue to pray for Mongolian men to answer God’s call to pastor. The field is “white” unto harvest in Mongolia.


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