William Andrew Dillard
There is an attainment alien to planet Earth. It outranks all other possible possessions in worthiness of pursuit. Among men, gold, silver, diamonds, and pearls are universally accepted as wealth, and the years of life are given to acquire them, and what they represent. But there is another that pales the treasures of earth. Think with me for a minute.
Prerequisites are essential to the ability to pursue the treasure of which I write. Being born from above, and committed to obediently following God in New Covenant relationship are those prerequisites that open the door to that opportunity. Think of it in the context of the apostle Paul.
God used Paul as He did no other. Paul also had things men seek in life: the best education, friends in high places, and rank in his Pharisaical world, to name a few. Yet, in Philippians Chapter Three, he listed some of those, but went on to say they were all counted but loss, even as a pile of dung in comparison to the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus. He wanted above all other things to know Him better, and especially the power of His resurrection.
At this Easter season, the world called “Christendom” celebrates the resurrection of Jesus. but few understand its possibility. Jesus was a man, but He was also the Creator God of the universe. Since the wages of sin is death, it was possible for the man Jesus, Who knew no sin, to die only because he voluntarily took upon Himself the sins of men. But the man, Jesus was formed of flesh and blood of this world. However, the life in the man Jesus was the eternal God Himself. It is not possible for Him to die. But it was possible for the God Who lived in the man Jesus to re-enter the human body of Jesus, changing it into a glorified state. That has specific and profound meaning to His people.
The Spirit of the Living God which dwells in His people is life, and it is not possible for it to die. To this point Jesus forthrightly declared: “And whosoever liveth and believeth in me shall never die. Believest thou this?” John 11:26. The everlasting life Jesus gives to those who repent of sins and accepts Him as their personal Savior begins at the moment that happens. It never ends and cannot end because it is everlasting. What that means is that though death claims the flesh on earth, the life-force or spirit returns to God Who gave it to await the command of the Master to reunite in a glorified body like unto His own. The interim is not inactive, but chock full of glorious awareness that pales that of earth. Hallelujah! We join Paul in pursuit of a better knowledge of that, his prime directive. He lives! We live!

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