Parson to Person

BY: William Andrew Dillard

From the vaults of important events, recorded by the ancients, comes an arresting account of two men whose deed must be ever underscored and heeded in the life of every child of the King.
Nadab (generous) and Abihu (he is my father) were two of four sons of Aaron, (light bringer) the brother of Moses (drawn). All five males of this family were chosen by the LORD to minister as priests in the Tabernacle. Their names are recorded some one dozen times in the Old Testament, but the most arresting is in the context of what these two did that was deadly wrong.
They were instructed specifically what, when, where, an how they were to perform their duties before the LORD. In no instance did God give any of them latitude to alter that service in the least. Moreover, the LORD went into great detail regarding even the mixture of the incense to be used. The recipe was to be kept secret and anyone attempting to duplicate it committed a sin that would cause him to be cut off from his people.
It is impossible to ascertain the motive of these to men, Nadab and Abihu, other than simply observing what they did. They mixed an incense not divinely given, and used it to offer fire before the LORD which was strange (different, unauthorized). The immediate result was the loss of their life, as that very fire consumed them.
Now be careful, very carful! Do not think the LORD to be unjust or unduly harsh! Everything He does is totally righteous! But, on the other hand, be observant and learning by allowing this Old Testament lesson to drive home an indelible impression in your own thinking. Consider the application! What one does in spiritual things beyond the plain authorization of the Holy Word is called “Iniquity.” Iniquity may not cause one to fall down dead instantly, but will just as surely render the life of a person rewardless in the day of the LORD, and that is the loss of the greater meaning of one’s life. Thus does the specific intention of such lessons come to us with great consistency from the pages of the Old Testament.
In these modern days, there is an abundance of religious mindsets expressed as “I think,” or “in my opinion,” instead of “God’s Word says!” Such is ungiven latitude called iniquity, and it will reap the same practical results as that portrayed for all time in the actions of Nadab and Abihu!

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  1. Clearly, “Good intentions” and “It’s the thought that counts,” are NOT enough! Or as Paul told Timothy, “And if a man also strive for masteries, yet is he not crowned, except he strive lawfully.”


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