Parson to Person

“Hey, dad! I just bought this. It is all in the box. Will you put it together for me?” Well, of course dad would be happy to do that. After all, he has a tendency to love construction and mechanics of various sorts. Whether it is a book case, desk, what-not, or other “do-it-yourself” item, dad is fully confident. After all it is fairly simple, and what could go wrong? Oh, brother! How many readers have been in these shoes!
So, in full confidence the work begins. As the project nears an end, the last few pieces just do not seem to fit. Perhaps the manufacturer forgot to drill holes in the right place. Perhaps they made a mistake in their quality control and boxed the wrong pieces. It is then that someone suggests that it might be helpful if the instructions were consulted. “Instructions? There are instructions?” Sure enough the wrong pieces were used early on. Now, there is just one thing to do. Take it apart so it can be put together correctly. In the country, that was called “licking your calf all over again!” So much for the zealous confidence!
It occurs to this writer that multitudes of people approach religion in the very same way. They are confident that God will be pleased with whatever they do, believe, and teach because they are sincere, and, humanly speaking, mean well. After all, parents did this, friends do this, “churches” and “Pastors” do this, so it must be right. In every case mentioned, the wrong people are consulted and followed. Each of us are responsible to consult God through His Word. The Bible term for this sort of failing “Christianity” is “Iniquity.”
What is worse, many will not find out just how great their wasted life cost them until they stand before the Judge of all men. How much better it is to consult the instructions! God did not leave mankind without instructions. It is called the Holy Bible. It does not agree with the sinful nature of unrepentant men, many churches, and many pastors, but it brings unparalleled joy and peace to the repentant who look to it as the final authority and take its instructions to heart.
Say! What kind of life are you building? Is it full speed ahead in full confidence in the flesh; in self; in some religious leader? The wisest thing you will do in life is consult God’s instruction book of life in detail, and often. The life it builds for you will be right, rewarded, and accepted by the Creator/Savior/Judge! When the short span of life is over on earth, it is all finished no matter how wrong, and there is no taking it apart to start over again. . . and . . . Eternity . . . is a very long time!

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