Sorry for Sin  

Psalm 38:12-22

For I will declare my iniquity; I will be sorry for my sin,” Psalm 38:18.

When I start laying my troubles out before God, I quickly realize that most of the problems that come to my life are the result of my own sin. I mourn before God and beg Him to free me from the consequences of these sins, but I know that I deserve all that I have coming. When these moments come, all I can do is speak truthfully to God about my sins and repent.

We all have moments when the consequences of our iniquities catch up with us, and all we can do is return to God. In these moments we must do as David did in Psalm 38 and just get real with God about our sins.

Psalm 38 is what is known as a penitential psalm. It is a psalm that is written by an author who realizes his own sins and troubles and is sorrowful before God. Here in this passage the psalmist David declares that he will “declare my iniquity” and “be sorry for my sin.” We can see David’s honest and repentant heart in the words of verse 18.

To be sorry for your sins requires a lot of humility. It requires you to declare your sins to God as we see David do in this psalm. To truly declare your sins to God means that you must be in agreement with Him about what sin is. When you have a heart like God’s concerning sin, you cannot help but weep when you miss God’s mark.

God longs for a people like David. Not a perfect people, not a sinless people, but a people who will sorrow over their sins.



Are you heartbroken over your own sins?

Nathan Rogers

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