Why People are Being so Mean to Victoria Osteen

Why People are Being so Mean to Victoria Osteen.


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6 responses to “Why People are Being so Mean to Victoria Osteen

  1. Great word and so true. They have deceived probably millions.


  2. Susan

    A big mistake, God wants us to be happy! He wants us to produce the joy that comes from knowing Him. Nowhere does it say He wants us to be happy!


    • Susan, if I understand you correctly, I agree. Our joy is in the Lord. To make ourselves central in this world, which she did, is to take away the Glory of God and put that glory on ourselves. Then we become humanists which is self worship and therefore paganism because we worship as god what is not God. When we look at the beatitudes in Matthew 5 we read – Blessed are th poor in spirit; Blessed are they that mourn; Blessed are the meek; Blessed are they which do hunger; Blessed are the pure in heart; Blessed are the peace makers; Blessed are they which are persecuted; Blessed are ye when men shall revile ; rejoice and be exceeding glad. My understanding is that blessed is a Greek term meaning happy. makarios mak-ar’-ee-os — A prolonged form of the poetical μάκαρ makar (meaning the same); supremely blest; by extension fortunate, well off: – blessed, happy (X -ier). Our blessedness or happiness is in the Lord. This makes God central and not man.


  3. Jesus never said to be happy, He said to hate your life in this world. Jn. 12:25


  4. Jan

    The video is gone…


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