Blessed Forgiveness

Romans 4:5-8
“Saying, Blessed are they whose iniquities are forgiven, and whose sins are covered,” Romans 4:7.

What a wonderful God we serve! Even though we are prone to sin, He has made it possible for us to receive forgiveness each time we confess it to Him. This should cause us to love Him even more, especially, when we know that the righteous, loving, Heavenly Father is fully aware of our shortcomings, failures, faults and our most secret sins. He forgives us because of Jesus.
When God looks at saved sinners, He sees the blood of Christ. (Rev. 1:5). On Calvary, Jesus shed His blood and later sprinkled it on the mercy seat in Heaven. For this reason alone we should be eternally grateful. We are the blessed benefactors of that forgiveness. Our sins, which are many, are covered by His cleansing blood (1 John 1:7). No false god offered to bleed and die for its people much less forgive the guiltiest of them, but the God of all gods and the King of kings did that for you and me!
The awesomeness of this sacrifice brings into view a few questions each person must answer. Have you been forgiven? Where will you spend eternity? In Heaven, as a blessed, redeemed child of the King or in hell forever knowing you will never go to Heaven?

Blessed is the man to whom the Lord will not impute sin (Rom. 4:8).
Beverly Barnett


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  1. Equipping The Saints

    Very good – keep up the good work.


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