The Kind of Christian I Am!




By – William Andrew Dillard


Various media emit a virtual flood of vile information every day about the sins running rampant in this generation. It is not that they are new, quite the contrary, they are almost as old as mankind. But they are multiplied thousands of times over in number and intensity as the age draws to a close. Moreover, the commonality of them all is summed up as “It’s all about me.” Think with me about this!
One predominating problem is abortion. Why does it exist? It is all about me: what I want, and I will murder to get it! Another is sexual perversion. Homos want acceptation in society the same as hetero-sexual folks. Moreover, men want to become women, and women want to become men. Women want to mate with women, and men want to mate with men. In Disney terms: when Mickey prefers Donald over Minnie, that’s Goofy! Why is this? It is all about me! Still another is the abandonment of responsibility. Whatever may happen, it is somebody else’s fault. Families are abandoned; little children left to whomever may have a heart of compassion. Why? It is all about me!
The list goes on. There is addiction to alcohol and various other drugs. People will lie, steal, and even kill to get a temporary high from their drug of choice. Why? It is all about me! Then enter the quest for material success. Nothing, but nothing must get in the way of material success. It does not matter who is hurt, stepped on, abandoned or thrown overboard. It is all about me! Oh, how about political socialism? As the government dismantles traditional America, masses applaud at the prospect of skimming off the cream of the labors of others as a supposed right. It does not matter if what I have is a tort from those who have prepared themselves and labored hard for what they have. I want it! Give it to me, and I will vote for you! Why is this? It is simple. It is all about me!
Enter the world of religion. “The teachings of that book called the Bible are just too harsh. It makes me feel bad. It cramps my style. I want a religion that relates to me in my selfish, sinful pursuits. I will take such a religion if it suits me, or leave it if it doesn’t. After all, it’s all about me!”
Well, this is the world today. But it is not new. It all happened before in the days of Noah, and to that totally corrupt society the world is destined to return because it wants a world devoid of the righteous, Creator God. It is by His grace that they shall have it for a short time, but their arrogant selfishness shall soon turn to cries for rocks of the mountains to fall upon them and hide them from the face of Him who comes. Rev. 6:15-16. I believe all men should understand this and prepare for their meeting with God by living accordingly because that is the kind of Christian I am!



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