What To Say?


John 12:27, 28


Now is my soul troubled; and what shall I say? Father, save me from this hour: but for this cause came I unto this hour,” John 12:27.



For a moment, a split second, the humanness of Jesus was troubled. He knew the shame and agony that lay before Him. He, in His infinite wisdom, knew the answer to His own question, “But for this cause came I unto this hour.” His question, “What shall I say?” (verse 27) did not mean that Jesus was doubting the plan and purpose of His death, and certainly not that He was trying to back out. It only proved that He agreed with His Father’s plan.


We as believers are often brought to a crisis of belief—our will versus God’s will. In our imaginations, we conjure up all sorts of buts and what ifs that pull us away from the will of God. This is observed in all walks of life and in the Lord’s churches. God calls young men into the ministry, but the temporary hardships of a seminary education seem like a mountain instead of a hill; and they allow the stress of employment to suppress the will of God. Instead, let us be brave, go forward and follow the will of God by saying, “What shall we say but, yes, after all the sacrifice that Jesus made for us.”



REFLECTION – When God calls you, what will you say?


Beverly Barnett



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