HEBREW – LORD Is There [Jehovah-Shammah]


Yāhweh Shāmmāh


The last verse of Ezekiel reveals one more “Jehovah-compound” (Eze_48:35). The Hebrew shāmmāh (H8033) indicates a place “there” (Job_39:30; Gen_2:8). Where is God? He is there in Jerusalem.


Scripture actually speaks of three “Jerusalems”: First, of course, was (and is) historic Jerusalem. It (not the city of Rome) is the Holy City (Neh_11:1; Isa_52:1; Dan_9:24; Mat_4:5; Mat_27:53; Rev_11:2).


Second, the Millennial Jerusalem, the restored city where Jesus will rule for 1,000 years. It will have twelve gates, three on each side, one for each of the twelve tribes of Israel, and a circumference of “eighteen thousand measures” (Eze_48:28-35), almost thirty-seven miles (in contrast to about four miles in the first century AD, according to Josephus, the leading Jewish historian of that day). What will its greatest feature be? “The name of the city from that day shall be, The LORD is there” (Eze_48:35). So holy will the city be that even its name will be changed to reflect it.


This foreshadows the third and final Jerusalem, the New (or Holy) Jerusalem, the capital city of the new heaven and new earth (Revelation 21), the dwelling place of God’s people forever. While some teachers spiritualize much of the Bible’s prophetic passages, ending up with arbitrary speculation, the plain language of Scripture should be our authority. This city will descend out of heaven, its captivating beauty likened to a bride in the eyes the groom (Rev_21:2). This is not some ethereal, mystical city, rather a real one with foundations, walls, gates, and dimensions. It is a massive cube, in fact (Rev_21:16), not a pyramid, as some speculate—pyramids have been associated with paganism since the days of Babylon. With a “furlong” (Greek stadion, G4712) being about 607 feet, the walls are 1,380 miles in each direction, roughly the area from the West Coast to the middle of Kansas and from Canada to Mexico. With foundation stones made of precious gems (Rev_21:18-20) and 1,200-mile high gates, each made of a single flat pearl (Rev_21:21), human language still falls short in describing that city.


Greatest of all, God’s glory will emanate from that city, illuminating the entire recreated universe (Rev_21:23; Rev_22:5) in unfathomable colors from the transparent gold and gems of the city’s structure. Further, we will actually be enabled to see that blazing glory of God’s face (Rev_22:4). Oh, the Lord will, indeed, be there and so shall we!


Scriptures for Study: Read Rev_21:1 to Rev_22:5 and rejoice in what is to come.





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