Offenses—Inevitable but Costly


Luke 17:1, 2


Then said he unto the disciples, It is impossible but that offences will come: but woe unto him,  through whom they come,” Luke 17:1.


In Matthew 18:5, Jesus rewards compassion for others; it is easy to offend others when we are focused on ourselves.


Often we offend others and do not even know it. About forty years ago, I heard the statistic on radio that each year Americans spend hundreds of millions on chewing gum and billions on dog food.


I had the clever idea that, if we put the same cost of our pet care in a jar and sent it to missions, what a blessing it would be. Then I made the statement that some people care more for their dogs than they do for God’s work. The lady on the third row was terribly hurt by the statement because everyone but me knew that her two twin giant poodles regularly got thirty dollar hair-dos.


Since I did not know the lady even had a dog, I felt excused. But, after many years of dealing with people and innocently offending some, I have learned that even the slightest  cute remark can break someone’s heart because others hear what we say between their own two ears, and there are a lot of factors in there that we do not realize.


Today, think of someone you may have offended, even if in jest, pray about it, and then make it right with that person. Eating crow is always a good elixir for one’s spiritual health.


Offenses can become baggage that we drag all through our lives, rendering us nonfunctional as mature Christians.




Just Saying


Pluck all the black feathers off a crow, bake it to a golden brown, season it with prayer and tears, and it tastes just like Pharaoh quail.


Robert Brock






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