323 – Nov. 19 – This Day in Baptist History Past


A warrior and a preacher


1842 – Patrick Hues Mell, while the pastor of the Baptist church in Oxford, Georgia, was ordained to the gospel ministry. While serving there he also served as the professor of ancient languages at Mercer University from 1841-1855, and at the University of Georgia in 1856. He began serving as the Vice-chancellor of the U of Ga. from 1860-1872. He held the post of Chancellor until 1888. Dr. Mell was a gifted parliamentarian and was President of the Southern Baptist Convention from 1863-1871, and again from 1880-1887, and the moderator of the Georgia Baptist Convention for thirty-one years. Dr. Mell was born in Liberty County, Georgia, on July 19, 1814. He was fourteen when his father died and only sixteen when his mother passed away. As the eldest son he had to provide means of support for himself and his dependent brothers and sisters. He was saved in the summer of 1832 at the age of eighteen and baptized by Pastor Samuel Law at North Newport Church, Liberty County, GA. His desire for education was so great that he borrowed money to enroll in Amherst College in Amherst, Mass. During the Civil War, in response to the call by the governor of the state for volunteers to serve for six month periods, Dr. Mell, though still a professor in the university, raised a company of men over which he was elected captain. Later he was elected colonel. He remained in actual service six months at different points within the state. Dr. Mell had to overcome great difficulties to “press toward the mark of the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus.”  These difficulties only strengthened his character for Christ.  [William Cathcart, The Baptist Encyclopedia (Philadelphia: Louis H. Everts, 1881), 2:777. This Day in Baptist History II: Cummins and Thompson, BJU Press: Greenville, S.C. 2000 A.D. pp. 632-34.]  Prepared by Dr. Greg J. Dixon


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