God’s True Prophet


And it shall come to pass, that whosoever will not hearken unto my words which he shall speak in my name, I will require it of him,” Deuteronomy 18:19.


Political campaign strategists may not be quick to admit it, but deep down, when it comes to winning elections, sometimes there is more concern about the candidate’s image and perception than the actual content of his message. During the campaign, a candidate might say many things to persuade voters and will make many promises, but I’m not sure if any candidate has ever fulfilled every promise made during a campaign. It is human nature to promote ourselves and our own agendas to preserve our own well-beings and legacies. That is why, when it comes to truth and eternity, we need a messenger—a prophet—who is above human nature and who actually follows through on his word.


God promised His Son would be a true prophet, not a shady politician. Our verses state that the Messiah would speak the words of God and anyone who did not listen and obey His word would be held accountable for his own soul. Every word Jesus speaks is true and will come to pass, therefore He is trustworthy and authoritative. Because I know myself and my own tendency to self-promote, I sometimes find myself skeptical of other people and take their words lightly. That is not always a bad habit when dealing with mere humans, but when it comes to Jesus, every word of His is right and true and brings life and death. Take Jesus at His word, listen and obey. Obedience brings joy and abundant life. Disobedience brings heartache and chastisement.





Will you take Jesus at His word today?


Mark Clements



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