280 – Oct. 07 – This Day in Baptist History Past


William Carey


Evidence – roots of cremation is pagan


1801 – Gokool, the second believer from the ministry of William Carey and Dr. John Thomas in India, after Kristno, entered into the arms of Jesus. His testimony was simple, Gokool said that before the missionaries came, he had spent years in searching for happiness, in poojahs, holy places in the river, and etc. but all in vain. Kristno’s wife’s sister had first heard of the Redeemer from Gokool. By eating publicly with Carey and Thomas they had literally broken the Hindu caste system. However for them to be baptized was not an easy task. Two thousand indignant Hindus gathered to protest. Kristno and his family were taken before the Danish magistrate, but they remained firm in their resolve and Carey immersed Kristno, the firstfruits of his labor. The pressures had been too great for the others, and Gokool had drawn back in face of severe opposition from his wife, who had rejected Christ, with other relatives. In time Kristnos’ family members did follow the Lord in baptism, and on May 29, 1801, Gokool was baptized. As Gokool died and his friends gathered round him they said, “may our mind be as Gokools was.” He said, “My affliction is because of my sins, my Lord does all things well.” This was the first funeral of a Christian in India, what a contrast to the Hindu funerals where people often threw their relatives, half dead into the river, or where the living wife was murdered by cremation on the same fire that her husband was being cremated. A wooden coffin, lined with white muslim was paid for by Kristno, hymns were sung as he was laid in the earth. [Thomas Smith and John O. Choules. The origin and History of Missions (Boston:S. Walker, 1832), 1:211.  This Day in Baptist History II: Cummins and Thompson, BJU Press: Greenville, S.C. 2000 A.D. 549-51]   Prepared by Dr. Greg J. Dixon


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