Circuit Riding Preacher

How would you like to be a circuit riding preacher with the responsibility of five churches that you would have to serve on horseback? That is the responsibility that faced Thomas Scrivner from his home in Glasgow, Kentucky. In all, Elder Scrivner had the oversight of over nine hundred members!  Thomas Scrivner was born in Rowan County, North Carolina, on February 25, 1775. He had only sufficient education to learn how to read and write. When he was nineteen years of age, he moved to Madison County, Kentucky, and there he professed salvation. He was baptized and united with the Tates Creek Baptist Church.  He eventually married Miss Esther Hamilton.  To this couple, were born three sons.  In 1816 they lost their property in Kentucky due to a prior claim, and thus they moved to Tennessee.  When the family seemed to experience sickness due to climate, Mr. Scrivner decided to move his family to Missouri.  Upon arriving in Barren County Kentucky, his wife and one son became deathly ill.  While waiting for physical recovery, the couple fell in love with the area. Thus it was that he purchased property, and they settled near Glasgow and united with the Mt. Pleasant Baptist Church.  In the course of time, Mr. Scrivner established prayer meetings for neighbors, he read scripture portions before prayer, and later began to comment on the Scripture.  In 1827 the church licensed him to preach, and he entered into the ministry with zeal.  Revival fell, and among the converts were his three sons.  In June 1829, he was ordained to the full work of the ministry.  On July 4 1829, with twelve converts he established the Fountain Run Baptist Church and pastored until 1858, when the feebleness of old age induced him to resign.  On July 16, 1864, the Lord called His servant home.


Dr. Dale R. Hart, adapted from: “This Day in Baptist History III” David L. Cummins. pp. 114-116


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2 responses to “56 – Feb. 25 – THIS DAY IN BAPTIST HISTORY PAST

  1. James,

    I am really enjoying your site… especially the Baptist History segments. I have always found Baptist history very interesting. Lord bless you. May you continue to reach many for His glory! Thanks for all the hard work putting these things together for us to benefit from.


    • Thank you for your kind remarks. When I break free and have a little more time, I plan to add more material from my personal research and comment on the current conditions of the day. I do appreciate the great effort you put forth and the obvious study that you do. Thank you.


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