“He said that people laughed at Noah too.” 
 Mr. and Mrs. John Winstead were married on Jan. 27, 1947 having been childhood sweethearts were reared in the same fundamental Methodist church.  They were baptized Biblically at the same time in an old pond by a Baptist preacher.  John had been converted as a 22-year-old man in the Bunn Methodist Church in the summer of 1949.  He was born near Bunn, N.C., in Franklin County on March 16, 1927.  On the very night he was saved he was called to preach.  John left the denomination after he learned the doctrine of the autonomy of the local church.  He started an independent church in a chicken coop called the Union Gospel Tabernacle.  People laughed, but he said that people laughed at Noah too.  A permanent building was erected in 1970 and they renamed it Calvary Baptist Tabernacle.  John began Bible training at Bob Jones University in 1954 and was elected Chaplain of the senior class in 1958.  His wife Lucille worked for Oliver B. Greene’s “Gospel Hour.”  During this time John pastored the El Bethel Baptist Church in Swainsboro, GA.  For 25 years they traveled in evangelism starting Baptist churches in Pennsylvania and two in Bunn, N.C. including many other areas.  He pastored Maranatha Baptist in Bunn until his death on Feb. 8, 1992.
Dr. Greg J. Dixon from: This Day in Baptist History Vol. IIII: Cummins

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