Two brothers were immersed and became Baptists
December 12, 1841 – Mr. Robert Haldane died in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was born on Feb. 28, 1764, in London and was trained at Dundee and Edinburgh. James Alexander Haldane, his brother, was born at Dundee on July 14, 1768, and was trained at the same schools and both served in the British navy, and in 1786 they inherited a large estate. Robert Haldane became a great writer and philanthropist, giving $350,000 for charitable purposes within fifteen years and during his lifetime educating 300 ministers of the Gospel at an expense of £100,000. James was also converted to Christ early in life, travelled throughout Scotland as an evangelist, and was ordained in 1799 as an independent pastor in Edinburgh. Robert and James were outstanding men, and “as the Church of Scotland had no use for unauthorized preachers, they worked independently, trained men, building and endowing tabernacles, founding a Society for Propagating the Gospel at Home.” When the reports of Carey in India began to circulate, Robert…devoted £35,000 to the work…” even though it meant supporting Baptist work. Many of the ministers that Haldane supported began to study the subject of Baptism and became convinced to be immersed and became Baptists. Repudiating pedobaptism, both brothers, in time, were immersed, and in 1808 they became Baptists. Robert authored meaningful volumes of which some still are in existence. His Exposition of the Epistle to the Romans, is still reprinted in our day. James continued his preaching, without pay, for fifty years until his death in 1851.
Dr. Greg J. Dixon from: This Day in Baptist History Vol. I: Cummins Thompson /, pp. 518-20.

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