It’s final in Ireland: Kids, gov’t rule in home over parents

Friday, November 16, 2012

Pro-family groups are going on the offensive to stop an incoming barrage of internationalists’ treaties as voters approve ballot measures on “children’s rights.”

The results are in … and parents in Ireland voted for their own defeat — conceding that they are not fit to make decisions about raising their own children. They effectively handed over their parental rights to their own children and the government Saturday, as the final poll results show this week that 57 percent– versus 43 percent — of Irish voters believe that “children’s rights” should usurp their own when making crucial decisions on the upbringing of Irish youth.

In another stride toward global governance, the United Nations brought Ireland under compliance with its mandate that allows for the state’s seizure of children via an amendment that voters approved into the Irish constitution. Only one-third of Irish voters showed up to cast their ballot on the measure, which was not only supported by every political party, but surprisingly by all children’s charities, as well.

But pro-family groups in America are more than concerned that what goes down in Ireland doesn’t stay in Ireland.

“The election results are going to require us to engage in both offensive and defensive tactics to preserve parental rights,” president Michael P. Farris. “There is absolutely no doubt that the internationalists are going to push extremely hard for ratification of a whole series of treaties that will dramatically reorder the relationship between parents and children.”

And Farris promises that he will not let America sit down and bow to the dictates of the government as parents blindly stand by to watch their parental rights stripped before their very eyes.

“The nanny state will gain much ground under these treaties,” Farris adds. “We must do everything we can to stop their ratification — and we will continue to work very hard to push theParental Rights Amendment. Getting a two-thirds majority in both the House and Senate will be a significant challenge over the next two years, and we may have to hope for a turnaround in 2014.”

To see what the U.S. government is already doing
to invade parental rights in the home,
watch “Overruled: Government Invasion of Your Parental Rights“

Luck of the Irish won’t help here

Opponents in Ireland campaigning to defeat the referendum propagated by the government to champion and “strengthen children’s rights” will attest that Irish parents will need a lot more than the luck of the Irish when they want to exercise their rights to raise their children the way they see fit. After a hard-fought, but unfruitful battle against the government’s drive to pass the measure for the amendment, the Alliance of Parents against the State argue that the United Nations will reign supreme over Irish law.

For more on the referendum and the
U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child treaty,
read the OneNewsNow article
“Irish parents giving away wrong rights?”

According to APS, voters have given the Irish government virtually unchecked authority to seize the nation’s youth when acting in the “best interests of children” — a term which it defines itself. The pro-family group says parents will be faced with the following new challenges due to Saturday’s results:

Your child can be placed for adoption against your will.
The State can decide to give birth control to children of any age, even if they are below the age of consent.
The State can bring children to other countries for abortions without parental consent, even if the child disagrees.
The U.N. and the EU can make any laws for children without consent of the Irish government if it wishes.
The State can decide … to vaccinate every child in Ireland, and the parent — and even the child — have no say in the matter.

APS also maintains that the legal system’s judges upholding the new laws work hand in hand with the State when it comes to child seizures, noting that their true interest is in covering themselves. The pro-family group points out that when children die under the state’s care, no one is held responsible, yet when false charges are brought against parents — who are acquitted — family courts still punish them and remove their children from their homes.

Shotgun measure

Many parents in Ireland are up in arms, as it seems as though their parental rights were virtually stripped overnight, as the wording of the amendment was only unveiled a few weeks ago, giving them an inadequate amount of time effectively counter the government’s massive fly-by-night campaign. It is further reported that the government was ordered by the Supreme Court of Ireland to tear down and remove its website that campaigned for the referendum’s passage — an alleged illegal cover-up that opponents are using as their central argument to reverse the voters’ passage.

And challengers to the amendment claim that the State’s campaign to ratify it was corrupt and misleading from the get-go.

“It has been a YES campaign from the beginning,” former European Parliament member from Ireland, Kathy Sinnott, told LifeSiteNews. “Everyone believes that in voting YES, they are protecting children, but they are really giving up their rights over their children. The government thinks that people are ready to buy their propaganda that changing the Constitution is about protecting children. Of course this is nonsense, because our Constitution already very strongly protects children.”

In fact, it takes protection to a whole new meaning … literally.

“Not only does the State take over parental authority, but all a parent has to do is ‘likely to fail’ in their responsibilities, as defined by the State, for the State to take control of the children,” Sinnott continued. “Everything, of course, is for the ‘best interest of the child,’ which according to the U.N. treaty, is decided by the State.”

And Sinnott further shared why the government’s intrusion is so fundamentally wrong.

“The reason why the family should have prior rights over children is because of the family bond, which is nature’s strategy for protecting children. This is the mother-child bond, the father-child bond, the mother-father bond, and the brother-sister bond. This bond is the source of what is really in the ‘best interest’ of the child. The State can never have this bond. By injecting themselves as controlling shareholder of every family in this country, the State is reversing this natural order.”

Just as many parents in Ireland failed to see the dire consequences of letting such a measure pass, pro-family groups in the U.S. fear that Americans will let the government on their own shores invade upon the rights of parents within their own homes. In fact, President Barack Obama is giving his full-fledged support for the U.S. judicial system to adopt the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child — the very treaty that Ireland’s new “children’s rights” amendment is based upon.

Wake-up, Pastors! Wake-up, Christians!

Wake-Up Herald

Publisher, Dr. Robert McCurry

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