We have our latest crop of theologians and I find they are inferior to the men that existed and promulgated the gospel over 200 years ago. Today’s young pastors have recently discovered “house churches” and they have always been in existence since the time of Christ. I have worshipped in some myself. The get that tingly feeling running up their leg over “emergent churches,” and churches have been emerging from other churches since the time of Christ. This goes back to the Word of God and the time that Jesus said,”All power is given unto me in heaven and earth, go ye therefore…”. Now I understand this is not the “emergent church,” of  today. Those emergent churches were never doctrinally devoid like today’s “emergent churches” are. May we learn to “… rightly divide the Word of truth…” that we might be obedient to the call and go in the Power of the Spirit to build as we are commanded to build.

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  1. Very good,but the snow is coming.


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