“Daniel 5:27 – “TEKEL; Thou art weighed in the balances,
and art found wanting.

How often we find a friend or loved one is upset with us and we become concerned; what have I done to offend, what have I done to upset, what have I said, what did I neglect to do. We thrive upon being loved, and liked in this world. For what ever reason we desire that most people we meet like us. We look for approval and affirmation for who we are and what we do.

Upon finding that we have offended or made someone angry, we investigate. We want to make things right and re-establish that relationship that has been damaged. We go to great lengths to repair this damage. We will take a great deal of time to make things right.

What about our relationship with God. Are we diligent in making sure that our Godly relationship is as close as it should be? Our scripture relates two different relationships. Daniel who was in constant communication with God and Belshazzar who did not know God. A mysterious hand wrote on the wall – thou are weighed in the balances and found wanting. Now this revelation of a hand caused consternation with Belshazzar. I find it interesting where that consternation drove him to. That was Daniel, the man of God.

I find it most interesting that a person of God can live their life in such a way that people notice they are Godly people. These Godly people are ridiculed, laughed at and made fun of behind their back. These same people that disregard Godly people, disregard God in the same way. Let flash further back in the Old Testament to a man named Noah. I have a picture in my minds eye about what took place between Noah and the people of his day.[Noah, what ya doin there big boy. Oh! building an Ark huh? What is an Ark? Oh! a big boat that floats in water. How you goin ta get it to the water? Oh! the water will come to you!!! How? RAIN? what’s rain?] 80 years later. [ Noah, where is that rain????? HA, HA, HA, you my friend are a funny guy, you said that 80 years ago and it hasn’t happened yet. It ain’t never goin to happen. God? what God. Let us “eat, drink, and be merry.” Does that sound familiar? Just like today.

What is sad is, there will be those that call them selves Christians whose relationship with the Lord is severely lacking. Then when the hand of God comes against them, they run to those that have that stable, close relationship with God. They want intercession. Here is an admonition, you are more Godly than I am, intercede for me with God.

There are those like Belshazzar and those that have no relationship with God, even deny there is a God are unprepared for dramatic events. Noah, because of his  relationship with God was prepared for the flood. Daniel knew exactly where to turn to find the answer to the hand. Do you not find it amazing that a wicked, hard drinking king that would not even acknowledge the God of the Jews would turn to the one man in his kingdom that could give him answers. There will be those today, much in the same condition that will do the same thing when push comes to shove. When family tragedy strikes, they run to the one living the Godly life.

I guess the question I have is – Dear God – are you upset with me.

Whether you are saved or not maybe you need to ask that question – have I been weighed in the balances and found wanting?

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2 responses to “ARE YOU UPSET WITH ME?

  1. George Dever

    Great post. Thank you.


  2. Very good, you are getting better in your old age.


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