I Samuel 9:6
And he said unto him, Behold now, there is in this city
a man of God, and he is an
honourable man:…

What an honour to have a name that gendered such renown and respect. A country boy, (Saul) and a servant have heard of this man Samuel. Here was the place to ask hard questions. This man had a reputation had spread through towns, cities, and countryside. The reputation of knowledge, humility and Godliness clung to Samuel as a garment. What a blessing to carry the title – man of God. We feel proud to carry the Christian and the luster of this moniker has faded and become un-recognizable. A title of reproach that was reserved for those that diligently and faithfully followed the teaching and clean righteous living that reflected Jesus as close a possible, has been besmirch and bedraggled by being dragged through the muck and mire of unfaithfullness, infidelity and unreflective living. To be known as a man of God is an honour that few deserve. We add to this name the term – honourable man and we see one that has a superlative closeness to God.

Honor, integrity, and adhering to ethical and moral principles are the marks of an honourable man. How many would consider themselves honourable and yet not have moral principles. How many fudge on ethics and consider themselves honourable man. These are things we should all strive for and continually work on. We never attain this standard by self proclamation. Others must recognise these traits and characteristics and they will then tell others. May we desire to gain the titles – MAN OF GOD/HONOURABLE MAN.

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2 responses to “HOW ARE YOU KNOWN?

  1. Diane, we are the ones responsible for the political area, We voted the skunks and scoundrels in and then allowed them to stay. We allowed them to stay, knowing that they were not honourable men, but they, in their dishonesty and wickedness, were bringing home the bacon to us and lining our purses and pocket books. In essence this makes us implicit in bribery. We were bribed and as long as we received the benefits we didn’t care about the character.


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