THE nest great thing after clapping; after hand waving and all the past things that have become acceptable in our worship services is – HUING.  I know what you are saying – what is that! And you will know in a minute. We Baptists take a lot of things from other denominations that we know are not scriptural. Sixty years ago we never saw upraised hands, we never experienced clapping or dancing in our services. We never accepted alien immersion or practised open communion. We sang hymns and songs that uplifted Christ and God and spoke of their greatness and other attributes. My how times have changed. We have brought into our worship the Warrens of the world – throw out the old, the hymn books, the cross, the mourners bench, and the old timers that object to these new fangled ideas. Bring in the new that makes me feel comfortable and the lost easy resting in their lostness. Make our songs more upbeat and more about my confusion and being picked on.

Now how pathetic is this picture. Their will be more. We waffle and waver and say will I do feel uncomfortable with clapping BUT. Because we are so mealy mouthed about this imported practice, I predict that Huing will enter our churches with very little fuss. So What is Huing?

Marsha West has an article in “” Her statement is “People all over the globe are singing or chanting the HU. Not hoo, as in whoohoo! It’s pronounced Hue as in Hugh Grant. HUers say it is an “amazing love song to God.” The benefits of HUing are: It takes less than an hour to HU, It is a form of prayer, a form of contemplation. Anyone can do it. One can HU alone, with a small group, or a large group, even while driving.
The statement is that HU will put you in contact with “divine spirit,” and keep you centered, focused, and clear.

Where does HUing come from? Eckankar which is allegedly “the oldest and most original religion in the world.” We know better. Sounds as if this would fit splendidly with the emergent church group. Don’t be surprised if someone in your service starts HUing one Sunday.

Let me give you their argument for being okay to do. 1. The Bible does not specifically command not to do it. 2. This is my form of prayer. I am communing with God and certainly you would not forbid me to commune with God when the Bible says to talk to God and your messages say we need to pray more.

Now preacher, church leader, are you going to waffle or take a stand?Technorati Tags: , , , ,


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3 responses to “THE NEXT GREAT THING

  1. George Dever

    This is interesting. I preached on prayer this morning. I didn’t mention the Hu chant. That must be found in the second book of humanism, chapter 2 verse one.

    What is this world coming to.

    Interesting post.


  2. Very good research, You are getting sharp in your old age.


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