How often we stand in

slack-jawed wonder as we see the con-trails

of God’s love in our lives.

The overwhelming display

of His power and might in lightning and thunderstorm

brings out fearful respect.

How our hearts melt,

as God releases the gentle rejuvenating rain of

summer that removes all things.

How energetic we become,

when the healing Sunshine spreads it bright rays

into our world and life is just right.

How comparable to our spiritual lives

which should infuse our mind and actions and exude

to others whose lives we touch.

Our lives should be lived in slack-jawed wonder

that Jesus could ever love us. We are so unlovely

covered in sin. For us to be lovely He came and died,

and shed His blood to cover our sins. What Great Love.

This overwhelming display of might and power in

lightning and storm should remind us that He is in control of

nature and the creator of all things and we are His creation and

should fearfully respect Who He is and what He can do in our lives.

There are times we need refreshing. God brings gentle

rain and soft winds to bring growth and strength in our spiritual

lives. We experience the rain of trials and temptations and feel the breeze

of adversity and in our resistance we experience spiritual and mental growth.

Then from heaven the rays of the Son beams into our lives and embraces

us with a love all encompassing. We can’t find the height nor depth, nor width

nor length of it. The words “well done” opens up the well springs of our hearts

and our eyes are brimmed with tears of compassion. Then this life is worth it all.

James Candler

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4 responses to “THE WONDER OF GOD

  1. Love your post. Especially the encouraging well done opening our hearts. We need that. Gods love does meet our needs.


  2. I will start with a 5 lb. box of money.


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