The Red Eyed Sniper Fish

And God said, Let the waters bring forth abundantly the moving creature that hath life. Genesis 1:20a

Creation Moments – Oct. 30, 2009 — The fish known as the loose jaw or dragon fish has been found to have some remarkable abilities. At most 10 inches long, this deep-sea fish lives at depths between 1,500 and 4,500 feet. At these depths, the only light that gets through the water is a dim blue light. As a result, sighted creatures that live at those depths can see well in dim blue light, but virtually none of them can see light in the red end of the spectrum. None, that is, but the dragon fish, and that’s its secret weapon.

The dragon fish is the only known creature to have chlorophyll in its eyes. This compound gives the dragon fish the ability to see red light in the depths. But why would the dragon fish have these abilities if there is no red light to see? He makes his own red light. This bioluminescent red light is invisible to the dragon fish’s prey, as a sniper who uses an infrared scope to sight his prey in the dark.

The dragon fish offers a powerful set of arguments in favor of a Creator. Its unique ability to see red where there is no red light cannot be explained by natural selection. Before it supposedly evolved the ability to see re light, how would it know about red light? And why would it have evolved the ability to create a color of light it could not have known about? The dragon fish’s sniper like ability to find its prey with light invisible to its prey bears powerful witness to a wise and powerful Designer.
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2 responses to “THE RED EYED SNIPER FISH

  1. It’s just a mutation.
    Evolution is not a “knowing”- path, but one of probabilities. If you, eyes closed, throw a dart at a wall with all the colours in the spectrum, you’d hit red eventually.
    Or, perhaps the fish’s ancestors lived at a higher altitude where red spectral rays DID exist? And it migrated downwards over time?


    • Just from what you just said, it is more – maybe, I’m not sure, the odds are 200,000 to 1, we really can’t figure it out but we sure want to so that we can deny intelligent design that reveals to us there is a God that we will answer to.


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