Life Is Uncertain


Pro 27:1 Boast not thyself of to morrow; for thou knowest not what a day may bring forth.

Oh! the plans we make. When you were in High School, did you ever look into the future and see what your life was going to be? The job you would have, the girl you would marry and the 2.1 children you would have?

Man makes plans. We buy life and health insurance because we are making plans to provide for our family if something should happen to us. There is not a way to predict the time of death. Sometimes we approach life as if we will never die.

The Word of God says “It is appointed unto men once to die.” Now this covers several items that we need to be concerned about. For the lost, what is my relation to God. What would happen to me if I died right now. We certainly don’t have any agreement to how long we will live. What about today. What could happen today to take my life from me. Death is an equal opportunity killer. It can take old and young alike; rich or poor are not safe; tall, short, skinny or fat, Death can claim this minute.

Now let me ask again; what is your relationship to the creator of the universe that gives each man the breathe of life as it pleases Him.

Maybe we should be more concerned about eternal insurance rather than life insurance.

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